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Generate - Creative Strategy and Products at the Forefront of New Technology


b. 1986, HK.



Red Bull
Vancouver 2010 Olympics
Vancouver Canucks
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We are a digital studio working at the forefront of building technology, ideas and strategy for the mobile space.  We create custom apps, effects, activations and products with a mission to build engaging experiences with measurable results.

In addition to our strategy and services side we both build and incubate products that we believe in. This is everything from our flagship creative application Generate to the travel platform Navenu.

We build products that further our creative services, and provide strategy that blossoms new products. We have built mobile creative tools, over 50 unique filters, augmented reality, and have developed experiential activations for numerous platforms and clients.  Incumbent in our practice is that good strategy is necessary in building next level interactive products, and we work with our clients all the way through the initial concept phase through production to launch.