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THE Generate Studio

Generate’s Studio consists of a number of different practices that make up our overall ethos and team structure. In all of our projects we work with our clients from early strategy design and decisions through to implementation.

Brand Strategy - We fill one of the most important gaps in the creative economy today - merging new technology with culture and branding - and delivering that to the public. In all of our projects we bring our deep knowledge of tech, music, art, and social media to the client.

Content - We choose the most strategic methods of content - with a team experienced in apps, effects, video, AR and experiential activations, we always figure out the best possible streams for any specific campaign.

Effects - Effects are our bread and butter - and part of the modern mode of communication - we built effects on numerous platforms to help further our clients narratives in new and unique ways.

Mobile Development - We have developed apps large and small, but always creative in design. We love to bring our skills in the creative side to the table, to take a normal project to another level.

Augmented Reality - We have been doing a lot of Augmented Reality, from individual apps on the iPhone through to Facebook. Our goal is always to create an engaging user experience that changes the way we perceive reality.

Experiential Activations - We love to build experiential activations. No matter what the idea is, its our intention to always dream up ideas not thought possible and make them a reality.

Curation - We have an immense amount of experience in curating digital art, electronic music, and bespoke art and music events.

Incubator - We love to spawn new ideas, its what inspires us.


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Our main studio space is location in LIFT - a beautiful 5000 square foot creative hub located in the Mount Pleasant Creative District in Vancouver, Canada.